Hayashi Laboratory

Department of Systems Innovation,
School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo



Hayashi Laboratory is working on "understanding every activity related to humans and data" for elucidating the dynamics of the data ecosystem and supporting data design with the following issues:

  1. Understanding the dynamics of data ecosystem and developing institutional design
  2. Tailor-made data design support tools for datalizing unobserved events
  3. Creating heterogeneous data linkage schemes and analytical models

We aim to create a new paradigm for data distribution society by elucidating the dynamics of systems based on the interaction of various things, such as people, computers, and the environment.



If you wish to join us (enroll, advance to higher education, conduct joint research, or technical cooperation), please feel free to contact us (change -at- to @).



Hayashi Laboratory is located in Room 411, 4th floor, Engineering Bldg. 8, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo.