B4小池くんがAAAI Spring Symposia 2023にて研究発表を行いました。


早矢仕研究室B4の小池くんが3月28日にAAAI Spring Symposia 2023のSocially Responsible AI for Well-being (AAAI2023-SRAI)セッションにて"Digestion Efficiency of Texts and Images in Information Transfer"と題した口頭発表を行いました。


タイトル:Digestion Efficiency of Texts and Images in Information Transfer

著者:Hiroaki Koike, Teruaki Hayashi

概要:The proliferation of information and communication technologies has augmented and diversified information sources. However, an increase in the volume and selection of information does not necessarily promote understanding. In addition, conventional evaluations of information transfer have focused only on the arrival of information at receivers. They should adequately contemplate the recipients’ comprehension of the data post-acquisition. In this study, we propose the concept of “information digestion”, which refers to receivers’ adequate understanding of the acquired information. We proposed an evaluation model of information digestibility using hierarchical factor analysis and extracted factors that constitute digestibility using four types of media.